Our servers

Młotawka Warhammer MMORPG server for Minecraft (PL Only, at least for now)

give it a try!

We're still looking for some cool project/games to stick to and make more servers. We already had servers for games like Rust, Unturned, Minecraft, Space Engineers and multiplayer modifications for games, for example FiveReborn for GTA V and we plan to host TES3MP (Multiplayer project for Morrowind) and Skyrim Together as soon as it will be released as playable.

About us

We are bunch of friends that started playing on hamachi and after some time we wanted to make something bigger, and we started hosting games like Minecraft, where we had Survival server with factions, where we got many players but not as many as we wanted. Then we had Unturned (where we had most long living server propably) where we meet a lot of people we're playing with today.

Currently we only host Minecraft, if you have any ideas about game we would like to host? Survival game? Sandbox one? Other? Come on our Discord and show your idea.

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